Reviews & Quotes


“Audrey’s considerable writing talent shines through as she fosters excellence in members of the Bay State Writers. As the founder and a key player in this valuable critique group, she’s taught me a tremendous amount about the craft and business of writing. Audrey pushes me to grow as a writer and I feel tremendously grateful to be working with her.” Michelle Pressma, award-winning Author

“Audrey has character poetry in her blood. Not to mention a keen eye for editing, not only line-item but big picture. Not often does one find a dynamic teacher and a sensitive writer in one package. She’s intuitive about character development and making a plot roll. Her feedback on both fiction and nonfiction is invaluable.  She’s also a dynamic, confident speaker adept at communicating skills necessary for writers who are new or seasoned.” Karen Albright Lin, award-winning Author/Screenwriter

“Audrey is honest, good-natured and witty and offers an eagle-eye for editing. It is clear that she invests and enormous amount of her personal time to read and edit others’ work, and does so with enjoyment. Audrey is a passionate reader, writer, editor, and educator.” Gail Martin, Writer

Elements of Fiction Writing

“You gave us a lot!  Your classes were rich and organized.  The time you spent editing – magnificient!  Thank you.  You are a gift!”

“I really enjoyed this course and I’m a little sad that it’s over.  But looking forward to absorbing everything I’ve learned and applying it to my writing.  Thank you!”

“I now have a tremendous amount of respect for fiction writers – it’s a lot of work.  At the same time, I became totally absorbed in my writing assignments.  It tapped into my underutilized creative side and it felt really good.  I’ve discovered a new outlet.  Thank you.”